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Common Questions People Ask Before Changing Their Status


You are autographing paperwork.  You should never do so unless you know what that paperwork means and what you have committed yourself to.  You need to be able to stand on it, fend off anyone who challenges you and know who you are.  How can you do that if you do not have an understanding of the who, when, where, how, why, and what involving that paperwork?

For starters, read everything on this website before going to the Step by Step page to begin the Change Your Status paperwork.

Then, be aware, that if you are serious about becoming and living as an American State National, from this day forward you will never stop studying and learning.  Find and join a TASA Study Group in your county or a near by county.

Download this Self Education List for further study.

What makes her so special in the face of all the other authors and pundits, lawyers and professors, governments and politicians, etc? Why is she the way out of The Fraud and not somebody else of MY OWN choosing? Does it really matter? Answer: Yes... yes it does. Keep reading...

I will try to keep this short and point you to further research leads, but let me start by giving you the "tells" on how to know if you're being played by what amounts to controlled opposition. First, let's define controlled opposition: An entity or person that appears to talk like you, believe like you, say what you long to hear, but then slowly misguide you to the wrong things while maintaining an appearance of being on task to the right solutions. (This is why nothing ever gets done in their system and why entire swaths of people in political circles cannot achieve anything, even when it seems they have the support to do so.) See, their job is to capture you, mislead you, and make you ineffective, all while playing your emotions, including leading you to be incensed or offended if anyone speaks out against the controlled opposer leading the way. (Instead, be effective, not offended. After all, who was it that said "by their deeds, you will know them."?)

So, what are the tells in this case:
1. Hate Anna.
2. You don't have to change your political/legal status to change the government.

Those are key misdirection’s and lies, especially that last one... a real whopper!
As you will see, Anna von Reitz is the American Fiduciary, who has, through her Living Law Firm, positioned herself legally and lawfully in the international jurisdiction with the international courts as said fiduciary with a lien on ALL American assets.

How and why, you ask? Well, you will see in your research that she caught wind of the international banksters fraudulently making claims to the international courts that they were claiming all assets on the land in America (since the land jurisdiction is international) due to being abandoned, that is, they claimed there were no Americans left inhabiting the land jurisdiction... at least not on paper. (They trafficked everyone off to other jurisdictions at birth for generations, and slicky-doo, right on time, as the old codgers die off, the bankers are right there saying American land is abandoned!)

Anna called "Poppycock", though I wouldn't blame her if she'd used another compound word found down on the farm. So, she filed a blocking lien against all American assets as a living woman on the Land and Soil along with her family, proving that America was NOT abandoned.

In your research, you will also be able to answer the question: Why James Clinton Belcher as the American sovereign and hereditary keeper of the American seals, and why he has the authority as such to call the American States Assemblies into session, which they haven't been since 1860. Here are two references:
2. The American Story - An historical presentation given by Bobby Graves on Oregon <----- Very interesting storyteller. Pay special attention to the parts about the Belcher (or Bel-Char) family history and role. We are reconstructing the real government, since the "Reconstruction" following the Civil War was NOT a reconstruction, but a construction of the sea jurisdiction/admiralty/corporate commerce law brought on land and set up with government service corporations by the military under emergency powers and the Act of 1871... but that is another area of study you will get into. Suffice to say for now that through distractions and false flags, intrigue and bankruptcies, central banking and taxation, and planned booms and busts, piece by piece they slowly put their system together until they instituted the birth certificate fraud on paper in 1933 as part of FDR's final bankruptcy of our country, which was cured and settled in 2020 (hence all the planned unrest and moving against the people, the priority creditors in an attempt to steal it all back). See, contrary to popular belief as pushed in history classes and labor unions across the county since WWII, FDR was one of the most evil men in history, using birth certificates as bonds (bond is root for bondage) pledging the people themselves as collateral against the public debt to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund where they use your corporate trade name and trade your bonds and derivatives to make money all your life, then "cash in your chips" when you die... because you or your family didn't know to claim those gifted assets they funded, treating you as "dead and lost at sea".

The IRS like all government contractors, operates through paperwork and uses fear to control people. They don’t just show up at your door overnight or freeze your accounts. They use a series of letters and notices to try to intimidate you and seek to instill fear in you. Every letter and notice can be properly rebutted. The IRS scam was figured out decades ago and it’s possible to navigate out safely. The horror stories we hear about are propagandized to reinforce the fear. Torture one, terrorize 10,000. The people that have had problems, are people who have not properly corrected their status. If you participate in their jurisdiction (the Maritime jurisdiction) they still own you. You must work with your assembly to make sure you have the correct paperwork and that it is properly filled out, recorded and published.

The more deeply you study the fraud and the truth about our government, the truth about taxes and the truth about the IRS the more confident you will become about your rights and freedoms as an American.

Learn more about the IRS:

Social Security Number – Once you complete all your paperwork that number belongs to you are free to use it without fear.

Social Security income – You paid into the social security income program, therefore you are entitled to receive your payments back. That cannot be taken away from you.

No matter where your retirement comes from, it’s yours because you paid into it. It is safe and you are entitled to it. Correcting your status does not nullify your retirement.

Same as Social Security. You paid into it and correcting your status does not affect your Medicare coverage.

You paid into these systems and programs while you were working and therefore you were entitled to those benefits. Once you correct your political status you cannot participate in the these programs any longer. For more details consult with the State Assembly Coordinator.

You are free to keep using your accounts and credit cards. Soon The Global Family Bank will be open and operating in all 50 states. Once you have corrected your status, you will be able to move all your accounts over to the new banking system. In the meantime, there are some simple steps you can take to protect your money. Your state assembly can help you with this information.

Once your political status is corrected you are eligible for the Sign in America Debt Relief Program. To get started, take the self paced Sign in America course. Contact your Sign In America Coordinator for more information.

Link to Sign in America:

You are entitled to all your employee benefits. That does not change when you correct your status.

You can still obtain healthcare coverage and you cannot be refused care because you corrected your status.

No! Going back to try and recover what you’ve already paid puts you back in the maritime jurisdiction and puts you at risk, and it can also put your status at risk. This could also potentially leave you stateless. Once you are out of the maritime jurisdiction, you don’t want to go back. What’s past is water under the bridge. You’ve gained your freedom. Move forward.

Once you are out and you have gained your freedom, stay out of their jurisdiction. Stay out of their courts. Their courts are not for American Nationals or American Citizens (living men and women on the land and soil jurisdiction). Their courts are for corporations and they are set up to negotiate contractual issues. Living men and women will not get justice or peace when dealing with maritime courts. Maritime courts are completely foreign to living people. Living men and women are not in the same jurisdiction as maritime courts.

Would you go into another country’s court system and expect them to use the English language and expect to have your laws respected?
Would you expect the laws of your country to be respected by their country?

It won’t happen, if you were in another country’s court system, you would need to submit to their language and their laws.

The maritime courts are for the maritime jurisdiction and they deal only in contractual disputes. Maritime courts are foreign to the land and soil jurisdiction. Maritime courts are for “corps” like “corpses, non-living entities”. They are not for living men and women.

Men and women on the land and soil can declare the status of American State Citizen vs. American State National. Both are men and women on the land and soil. But American State Citizens can participate in setting up our courts, which are called Common law courts. Living men and women can only find justice in our lawful courts, which is due all men and women. This court system has been dormant for over 50 years.