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This is about We the people of Michigan returning to the land and soil.  It is an unfolding story of learning the steps of self-governance by and for free men and women right here in Michigan. Michiganians bonding together to govern themselves with the help of others and the support of the American States Assembly, the Federation.  

A story that has been laying idle for nearly 160 years, because others could profit handsomely from our ignorance.  No more.  The people of the 50 states have assembled and we are reconstructing what is ours lawfully and peacefully.  Join Us, the future has never been brighter.


Who We Are


Who We Are


Building Our Assembly


Four Pillars of the Assembly



In the American system, the flow of power comes from the bottom up, not the top down. The fundamental unit of government in our system is the family. The most important discussions of public policy and law take place around the family table. So, if you think of the Assembly as a gathering point for all those family government units, you will get a sense of how our Assembly process works. All members of our Assemblies are equal participants. Some members have offices to fulfill, which are simply jobs that need to be done.

In our zeal to restore the de jure government of the people and to exercise the power of self-government, that we are heir to, we have to overcome years of indoctrination and institutional abuse by the top-down government agents, who are in fact, under contract to serve us.

The true strength of The Michigan Assembly rests with the people, their knowledge base, and solidarity of purpose. When we the people understand that the purpose of government is to protect us and our rights and property; that we are the employers, and that our government employees have contractual obligations, then we can stand together to enforce those obligations. It’s no longer just one man on a crusade, but families, communities, and yes, a whole State, and then many States, all connected and functioning from shared knowledge, history, and vision.

The General Assembly

Those of us who do actively participate, meet as the General Assembly, as everyday people who gather to discuss topics and items related to governing ourselves, public policy, and public law. This Assembly meets, as needed, to discuss how to manage our state assets, infrastructure, and resources. We also select people to populate the Jural Assembly, the Executive Assembly, and the Peace Keeping Task Force and Militia.

Populated by living people, The General Assembly is where the decision-making power of “We the People” lies. We then volunteer for, and populate, the other Assemblies to carry out the day-to-day organizational structure of the judicial, protection, and business needs of our self-governing decisions, so that we can spend our time with our friends and families, in our communities, living our lives.

The International Business Assembly

The International Business Assembly Standing Committees are composed entirely of State Citizens, conducts international and interstate business. It is populated by People selected by the General Assembly to fulfill “offices” – jobs that need to be done. This includes issuing Public Notices, conducting Elections, preparing ballot initiatives for the General Assembly, overseeing use and sale of State resources and serving as an interface for communications with the Federal Government.

For All Jural Assemblies Article

The Jural Assembly

This Assembly populates from the General Assembly and forms the Jury Pool of Michiganians who are willing to perform the responsibility of providing claimants a fair hearing by a jury of their peers. People from the Jural Assembly are also selected to populate the “offices” of the People’s Court.

This constructs the American Common Law Court system which upholds and enforces Public Law, gives standing to our Peacekeepers and Militia Officials, and acts as a checks and balance system for any legislation passed by the other branches of State and Federal governments through the process of Jury Nullification.

Jural Assembly Handbook


Peacekeeping Task Force and Militia Assembly

All Michigan State Nationals understand the Responsibility to maintain the peace and uphold the Public Law – to do no harm to another, nor their property.

The Peacekeeping Task Force is populated by people who step up to serve the public in additional capacities as Peacekeeping Officials. The County Sheriff of the Land Jurisdiction is the highest level of a Peacekeeping Official under the Law in his/her county.

The people of the state comprise the body of the Militia whose responsibility is to perform the functions to coordinate a community response in times of emergency, natural disasters, and of protection and self-defense in times of invasion or other encumbrances threatening the people on their counties and State. Our Responsibility is to be a “well-regulated body”, – meaning prepared – for these situations, in order to uphold our commitments to each other as the living people of Michigan.

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