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Correcting Your Political Status


Autograph Your 1779

Our Federal Subcontractors forced their citizenship(s) on us as separate political statuses. They created false registrations for us as fictitious “persons” by fraudulently converting our birth certificates to Bonds (IOU’s) when we were newborn babies. As a result, we were misrepresented as Territorial U.S. Citizens and as Municipal “citizens of the United States” (both are fictions) without our awareness or consent.

The good news is that there is a way to correct your falsified status. You can walk away from their scam by properly declaring your political status using the American States Assembly 1779 and 928 processes. By declaring your proper birthright status, recording it, and joining your State Assembly, you are setting yourself apart as a man or woman on the land-and-soil, and accepting your Public Duty, which is to uphold the Constitutions and the Public Law.

Learn more about Changing Your Status with this Series of Short Videos.

1779 Naturalization Act


Signing the Declaration of Independence

The 1779 Naturalization Act is a streamlined process for correcting your political status. It is referred to as the One Page Declaration or the “one-pager”. This “one-pager” actually requires three (3) documents to be completed, the one page 1779 Declaration plus two Witness Testimonies,  accompanied by a photo copy of your birth certificate. It’s a simplified process handled by The State Assembly Coordinator or the Recording Secretaries. It is similar to how our Forefathers identified themselves as Americans back in the 1700’s.

Link to:  Using the 1779 process to correct your political status

The documents you will be downloading are on this page, but read through the entire page, it is loaded with much information you’ll need to know.  Then you’ll want to follow our step by step page in the Change Your Status process.

The 928 Process


Article #928 The 928 process is a more sophisticated process for correcting your political status. It was named the “928 Process” because it is associated with article #928 on the website. The 928 method provides more protection. The best advice is…make sure that you are using the latest 928 document templates from American State Nationals website.

Use the links below to obtain the latest document templates. It’s strongly advised that you take your time and carefully complete all your documents correctly. Learn what they mean as well as how you can use them, if and when you need them. Doing your due diligence while going through the 928 process will be more efficient and more cost-effective if you focus on getting things done right the first time.

Link to:  928 Paperwork Training Course

Link to:  The 928 Document Templates

Why We Record American Status Paperwork


Record and Publish“Your paperwork is superior evidence of who you are.” – Justice Anna Von Reitz

This is the most important act of identity protection you could ever do.

•  Our American forefathers created protections that can only work if we have correct status identity.
•  In the civil war, British / Roman pirates secretly took over our country and changed our processes.
•  Their ancient trick of misidentifying everyone on paper has been running the world ever since, until now.

—  We must do the action to correct the false records created by those foreign corporation governments.
—  We used to write our family baby records in bibles, which would stand as evidence in any court, but by deceit, that method was replaced by the deceptive birth certificate.

The birth certificate kidnaps every baby on paper putting them into a false citizenship and slavery status. The hidden agenda of the birth certificate is never revealed to the parents but is kept secret by the evil elite who devised this dirty trick, putting living people under the control of their corporate matrix.

—  In our American status paperwork, the complex “legal” jargon illustrates the crime of false status.
—  It’s a corporate contract “language” that was created to be deceptive and confusing on purpose.
—  The legal jargon is the corporations speaking to us.

If you’re status remains undeclared, the parasitic corporate governments will continue leeching off of you.

In the paperwork ( 1779 + 928’s ), all of the “legal” jargon must be cited for these reasons:

1 – to show every made up lie we are rebutting,
2 – to step back the names in reverse via the same order they were taken out to sea,
3 – to reclaim our rights and bring our names back home,
4 – to then declare our chosen and true status on a permanent record of land and soil.

—  The legal jargon is the corporations speaking to us… all made up concepts.
—  None of the verbiage pertains to us.
—  They paid someone to write it.
—  No need to try to understand the corporate legal verbiage because it’s meant to be stupid.
—  We have been preyed upon by thieves and liars.

What matters most is the stated intention on each document that rebuts those cited presumptions.

Our stated intention is the first swat on the legal jargon…
—  followed by our autographed byline…
—  followed by our copyright seal…
—  stamped with our red thumbprint seal…
—  and finally published on public record…

Your documents prove that you are a living being having vitiated all fraud from the beginning. 

—  All of that legal nonsense is then dead and inactive.
—  Once done, the corporate criminals cannot rebut your claims without revealing and admitting their own crimes to do so.

—  Once done, you will have taken ownership of your name, your assets, your body (land asset ), your children, your properties, your safety, your inheritance, and your Rights.
—  Living beings of land and soil jurisdiction supersede all other jurisdictions.

Justice Anna –
—  A “right” is a material asset just as much as gold in your hand.
—  A material “right” is what you have in abundance with all the constitutional guarantees.
—  Those are material rights.

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A Few Top Status Correction Benefits


Peace Flag      

      •  You become the priority creditor not the debtor
      •  You can use; The Global Family Bank, a new credit-based banking system
      •  You will have access to Sign in America Debt Relief Program
      •  You will no longer have to pay Federal income taxes
      •  You are fully protected by the original Bill of Rights
      •  You can copyright and own ‘all’ variations of your name
      •  You do not go into their no-win foreign corporate court system
      •  You do not live under their ’80+ million’ laws, mandates, etc…
      •  You can actually own physical property